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mber 1, 2015). According to a report released by the Pe▓w Research Center o


ams were serving the publi▓c interests, 54 percent of Americans d▓isapproved of the U.S. government's collection of telephone and Internet dat▓a as part of anti-terrorism efforts, and 74 p▓ercent said

they should not give up p

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rivacy and freedom for the sake of safety. Most said it was important to control who could get their information ▓(93 percent), as well as what information about them was collected (90 percent) (www.pewr

esearc▓, May 29, 201

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5).Prison guards wantonly trampled on prisoners' human rights. According to a serial ▓report on the website of the Miami Herald in December 2015, Lowell Correctional Institution, the nation's la▓rgest w

omen's prison, was haunted

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by corrupt▓ion, torment and sex abuse. The guards took hund▓reds of female inmates as whores and pressured them to b▓arter sex for basic necessities, a shield fro▓m abuse or awards. In the past 10 years 57 inm

ates died in the prison,